Social media is any digital tool that allows users to quickly create and share content with the public. Social media encompasses a wide range of websites and apps. Some, like Twitter, specialize in sharing links and short written messages. Others, like Instagram and TikTok, are built to optimize the sharing of photos and videos. What makes social media unique is that it is both broad and relatively uncensored. While many social media companies impose some limitations—such as taking down images that display violence or nudity—there are much fewer limitations on what someone can share than there is with other means of mass communication like newspapers, radio stations, and television channels.


The Benefits Of Social Media

Benefits the credibility of a business

The more people see your business name on social media the more they will have a positive impression of your business and products/services.

Much higher return on investment

Social media is known for a much higher return on your advertising dollar then traditional media.

Increase business competitiveness

Your competitors are already using social media to drive traffic to your business. Without a social media presence your business is at competitive disadvantage.