The best Uber dash cams allow you to monitor what’s going on in front of your vehicle like other dash cams, but also keep an eye on your passengers too. And a few even come with three cameras, to cover the rear of your vehicle as well (giving you a front and rear dash cam, as well as one to record what is going on inside).

Being able to monitor and record everything like this is crucial for your career as an Uber or Lyft driver, helping you to settle disputes with passengers and other drivers, avoid lawsuits and give your insurance company what it needs to finalize claims. They work for those who want to record the shenanigans of your family too – or to give peace of mind for those car sharing. And the good news is, the best Uber dash cams are surprisingly affordable these days. So buying one is a real no-brainer.

But which are the best models? In this article, we bring you the best Uber dash cams available today, for a range of budgets, and explain what each has to offer. We’ll pay attention to how much area they cover and at what resolution they record, as well as smaller details like how they’re mounted on your dashboard.

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