Organizations of all sizes are realizing the importance of online marketing, especially through search engines. Nowadays, people are more likely to visit a website via search engines such as Google than going directly to it. Almost 100% of the time, activity online starts with a search. Industry experts and statistics make it clear, it’s very important for a business to have a strong presence in search. It is the reason why search engine optimization SEO services have been very popular. For most organizations, being visible in top search results is critical to success and invaluable to the company.


The Benefits Of SEO

Benefits the credibility of a business

People from all over the world trust the first organic listings in Google as a reputable result. Through SEO, a business website can become a brand leader. Even competitors will behave differently towards a company which shows top results for their respected field. The further back a company is in rankings on Google the more people are skeptical about the website. Having a search engine such as Google display a business in the top organic results gives a business credibility that no advertisement can achieve.

Much higher return on investment

The method of organically ranking keywords in search engines, converts higher than any other form of marketing. Companies achieve more than double the conversion rate through organic search results, in comparison to paid advertising. Other forms of marketing and advertising are more expansive and yield less of a gain and in many cases no long term benefits. The return on investment is the highest with organic search marketing results.

Increase business competitiveness

When it comes to marketing and advertising, startup companies and small businesses have a hard time competing with the larger enterprises and operations. This is really nothing new. Larger budgets have always dominated the marketing landscape, until organic search engine optimization. SEO levels the playing field. Search engines such as Google show results based on editorial quality and relevancy, not which budgets are larger. This would be true for paid advertising such as Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns.